Rare tech school cut away engine

I found an old model T engine in a rotten barn on my father-in-law’s family farm. The engine is on a stand to make it accessible & easy to view. Looking from the peddle side,the right side of the tranny & engine have been cut away,‘looks factory,not rigged’.My question is;first,do you know of any trade or tech schools that may have used this,second,anyone I could contact for appraisal,third,museums that may have one? any info welcome.thanks & God bless you. I love you’re show every sunday afternoon.

Google “model t cut away engine”, you’ll find lots of info, and Model T forums for posting your questions (note: Tom and Ray never post answers here).
Here’s a period article:

I’m pretty sure you didn’t have to go to tech school to fix a Model T. It sounds like the cutaways were more of a sales tool. It sounds pretty interesting. I’ll bet the Ford Museum in Dearborn probably has at least one moldering away in their backrooms somewhere.