Rare 94 VX, Manifold stolen. Ebay okay?

My 94 Honda Civic VX was robbed of it exhaust manifold while in a storage lot. Dealer says parts are discontinued. Finding some basic manifolds on ebay that say they’ll fit, cast iron $100. I’ve not had much luck finding parts for this specific model. I love the car, everything else runs smoothly at 220,000 miles. Do I try to fit a slightly rectangular peg in a square hole? Try to sell it to someone who wants to invest in it or use it for parts? I would be very sad to see it junked. Please advise.

I found this.



Rock auto has manifolds for 1.5 and 1.6 L Civics. Is yours different?

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The exhaust manifold for a VX Civic is different than the others to mount the O2 sensor differently. These have the converter right there to that’s more likely what they were after, 1996-2000 Civic DX and LX used the same manifold from the discussion i’m linking to below. A aftermarket replacement for a 96 Civic is pictured.

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Looks like std dx will fit.image

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If you’re curious, there’s a lot about the VX (made for high mpgs) here:
Honda Civic (fifth generation) - Wikipedia


most modern hybrids would have to bow to VX’ MPG numbers, even revised ones!


This was above and beyond my expectation. Great information and renewed hope. I am continually amazed by the ingenuity that went into these cars. Thank y’all for the advice and guidance.

Rockauto does have the parts I need but prices seem to vary. The O2 sensor alone is $237! There looks to be a more universal type for just $20. Is this just a matter of truly stock vs after market? It’s weird that the thieves cut the O2 sensor right at the base and then left it on the ground under the car…

No different. 1.5, I think I’ve got the D15Z1.

Looks like the difference is being for California emissions vs federal, the 96 it’s the one for the manual transmission model that’s considerably more expensive.

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