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A '98 Ford Ranger with a 300cu. in. engine, five speed manual trans.The truck drives fine up to about 70 mph in 5th gear. Then it feel like it grabs and bucks, just momentarily, at higher speeds it appears to be ok. In 4th gear ti does the same thing around 60 mph.Could it bethe differential?

There’s a 3.0 liter Ranger, but I’m not aware of a 300 Cubic Inch Ranger.

Anyone else know of a 300 Cubic inch Ranger?

In the 70’s, if you got a Ford full size with all the bells and whistles it was the “ranger” package. In the days of being able to buy your truck a la carte maybe you could get a truck with the ranger package and the 300 C.I. straight-6. Or maybe he just meant 3.0L.

To be more helpful, if it were a problem with the differential it shouldn’t matter what gear you’re in. Does it seem to do it at the same RPM? Does it only do it when you’re accelerating? Does it matter hard vs. soft accelerating?

Sorry I forget engines are in liters, it’s my age. 3.0 v-6 and the problem occurs in 4th gear at high rpms just before shifting and 5th around 70 - 75 mph. Sounds like around the same rpm. I’m passing this on from my daughter’s boyfriend, I hanen’t driven the truck myself. Thanks again auldmon