Range Rover

I have a 2000 Range Rover with approximately 105,000 miles on it. I am considering purchasing an extended warranty. Is this a good idea and are there any reputable companies to purschase an extended warranty from. Thanks, Carl

This is one of the few cars where it may be a good idea to get a warranty. Range Rovers aren’t the most reliable vehicles around and their repair costs are exceptionaly high. I little more info is needed. How much does the warranty cost?, what is the duration of the warranty? And what does the warranty cover and more importantly what does it not cover?

Thanks for your response. The name of the company is Auto Advantage Inc. There are three options for coverage with no deductible. 3 year/ unlimited additional miles – $1,179; 5 year /150,000 additional miles – $1,249.00; and 7 year /100,000 additinal miles - $1,229.00. What is covered? Engine, Transmission, Drive axle ( front and rear), cooling system, air conditioning system, Fuel system, Electrical, 4x4 transfer case, Seals and Gaskets, car rental and towing, labor and Diagnostic charges. They also state if service contract expires and no claims have been made, 100% of the purchase price will be refunded. Have you heard of this company. They will also send me a brochure if I want. Please respond. Thansk, Carl

While RRs are notoriously unreliable, so are extended warranties from companies other than the manufacturer. I wouldn’t buy unless I knew personally people that used and were satisfied with them.