Randomly shuts off in reverse and in heavy traffic

My Car: 2007 Infiniti G35X 141,000 miles

Hello everyone,
I’m new here. My check engine light has been on for quite some time, but I never had problems with the car besides it making a loud roaring sound which diminished once I got new tires. A couple months back, I noticed my car would shut off when I put it in reverse after driving for some time. This only happened maybe three times. Very rarely. Later, all the lights on my car would come on randomly and turn off. This usually happened when I was going over bumps or making sharp turns. However, I did notice it seemed to only occur during the cold weather. I have had my car parked for almost a month and a half as I was getting it painted. Last week I started back driving it with no problems. However, today, while being in heavy traffic (for over an hour), the car started slightly jerking and then shut off when I came to a complete stop. I turned the car off and turned it back on and it cranked and drove without problem. Every time I came to a complete stop it would shut off again. This was early in the morning (with maybe 40 degree weather). I changed both air filters two months ago.
What do you believe may be the problem?
Infiniti dealership wants to charge $600 if it’s something with the sensors.


“Infiniti dealership wants to charge $600 if it’s something with the sensors.”

Please elaborate

it sounds like they’re already leaning towards a particular diagnosis

Your check engine light could be on for hundreds of different reasons. Until we know what codes you have, we can’t really speculate as to what exact code caused the light to come on


+1 to to db4690’s comment.

In addition to there being–literally–hundreds of potential reasons why the OP’s CEL is lit up, we need clarification of…“Later, all the lights on my car would come on randomly and turn off”.

Does “all the lights” refer to the headlights, tail lights, parking lights, etc, or does it refer to the warning lights on the dashboard? The difference could be…significant.

As usual, The Devil is in the Details, but there is very little useful detail here for anyone to use as a basis for a possible diagnosis.

Take it to an auto parts chain store and ask them to read the code for free. Write it down in “P0123” format (not what the guy tells you it means, just the code itself), then post it here. Without knowing the code, no one can make an educated suggestion.

I guess that the OP’s problem is not really that severe, as more than one week has passed, and he/she has not returned to answer our questions and provide more details.

Ten days later, without the OP returning to answer our questions or to provide the missing information, I suggest that this thread be shut down.