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Check engine light/Infiniti

My car was overheating due to lack of coolant. I already refilled the radiator and is not over heating anymore. My check engine light is still on. Does anyone know how long am I suppose to run it for or after how long does the check engine light come off?
Thank you in advance for any help.

Is the CEL related to your overheating?Did you get the code read just in case its something else?Sometimes disconnecting the negative battery cable and reconnecting it after 1 hour will make it go away.

While you have a CEL lit up, there is a stored code. Why not get it read for free at a parts place?

After some number of on-run-off cycles the CEL will turn off if there is not malfunction being detected. In the mean time you can get it read.

Depending on the year/make of the vehicle, disconnecting the battery can cause more problems than it solves.

Read this first.


Did you find out why you lost the coolant. If not then when the CEL goes out is a moot point.

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The insufficient coolant was due to changing the radiator and I didnt completely fill it back up. I made sure I did this time.

The vehicle is a 05’ Infiniti G35 sedan.

I have gotten the code read. It just said the car is overheating and there is no solution, which is how I figured I hadn’t put enough coolant.

I have not tried disconnecting the battery yet, but I will give a try.

I have witnessed several times on Toyota vehicles a fault for coolant temperature sensor out of range ( above 275 F ) that set during over heating, I erased the fault but it should go away after 2 good trips on it’s own.

Thanks. I will check if it may have a fault in the thermostat. Thank you guys again for the advice.

Thanks, disconnecting the battery for 2 hours took off the check engine light.

If there is a real problem, the light will come back on shortly.

Keep an eye on the coolant temperature gauge for a while, in the meantime.

I have and so far so good and no check engine light back on yet, but will still keep an on it for a few more days. Thanks guys.