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2009 g37 coupe

Three times this year the lights on instrument cluster turned off while I was driving.Dealer replaced cluster in February, but in July, when I started the car, again the cluster didn’t light up, only this time, I couldn’t get the car into gear. Couple minutes later, started the car again and it was fine. Finally, last week it happened again. Called AAA, the guy did nothing other than to start the car… perfect. Infiniti service department unable to figure it out to this point. Love the car, but at this point, I’m spooked. Any ideas?

Keep returning it to the dealer and get receipts for each visit. You may get a lemon law replacement. At this point, you have one visit. Click on the link and find out what your state requires:

Actually, I have 3 visits-- February, July and current (car’s still @dealership). Thanks for the reply.

Bring a digital camera that is capable of recording video with you every time you drive.
When ever this issue occurs, record it as it happens, and save the videos.

Make sure you show the video to the manager of the service department at your dealer.
And if you wind up going to court, these videos will come in handy.

I did this once back when my gf’s Chrysler Crossfire was having strange electrical issues.
They couldn’t replicate the issue initially, but showing them the video gave them no option but to keep looking until it did the same thing for them.