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Random Won't Start - 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 24,000 miles. Starting this January, the car will randomly not start. It gives me a message saying ‘Trans over Temp’. But the car is not overheating. This has happened after it sitting in a parking lot all day and me driving for 10 minutes, stopping for gas and I get stuck. It has been towed to the dealership (2 different ones) a few times and they cannot find anything wrong with it. If it sits overnight, it will work the next morning. But there is no telling when it will happen or why it has been happening. Any ideas?

I assume that the warning always turns on when the no start condition happens. I am curious to know if trouble may be due to a lack of DC power to the ignition circuit and it is also causing the warning to occur even though it appears to be a false warning. I would try to verify that the ignition is working when this trouble happens again. You could try spraying some starter fluid into the intake when the problem happens. If the engine still doesn’t start then I would guess the ignition isn’t working.

Have the battery checked. Low voltage to the electronics can cause erratic behavior.

I’ve got the same thing going on with mine, had the battery checked and it’s good, shop said it was the starter so we had it replaced, after 3 weeks it’s happening again, only seems to happen after it’s been out for a drive over 30 minutes and not every time, so it has something to do with temp, I’m having it looked at again, is there a temp sensor in the transmission, and if so why would it run but not start? I’ll keep you posted.

Are you saying the starter doesn’t work when this trouble occurs or, the engine cranks over but doesn’t start? If the starter isn’t working then I would check out the ignition switch along with the safety switch for the starter solenoid. Check to see if the solenoid is getting voltage when trying to start the engine.