Ran over a skunk, my truck smells!

I ran over a skunk the other day with the truck and it stinks! I haven’t used the heater in two days because every time I turn it on, the inside smells like skunk! So how do you get rid of eau de skunk? I took the truck to the car wash yesterday and they even washed underneath and it still reeks…So any suggestions?

No tricks, really. The smell will dissipate and disappear as time goes by. Just make sure there are no parts of the skunk’s carcass stuck somewhere underneath the truck. (that is a sentence I never thought I would type . . . )
Good luck!

Some poor soul ( maybe you ) is going to need to dress in protective overalls , put the truck up on a hoist and power wash the undercarriage. ( it’s going to splash, even with the wand at arm’s length )
You can get disposable coveralls, like painters wear, at the Home depot. Probably need a face shield too.

Several washes in a row (with underwash) might help, but I suspect you’ll mostly have to wait for the smell to go away on its own.

There’s no skunk carcass chunks under the truck lol. I’d be the poor soul to powerwash the under carriage, I wouldn’t expect another person to attempt to get under there an clean it. I just hope the smell doesn’t attract other skunks lol.