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Ran my battery dead, charged to start now all dash lights on! Help!

So I was tinting my windows. Had the doors open and accessory mode on. I ran my battery down too low to start the car not completely dead. I charged it a bit just enough to start it and when I did EVERY light was on. Brake, traction control, ABS, everything. I disconnected the battery and all that did was ask for my code. I haven’t driven it at all yet so I’m not sure maybe it will work itself out? Or thinking just need a computer reset with a plug in system? Or maybe the charge blew a fuse? Should I do an Instrument panel reset? Ideas anyone? this is my first car with all this electrical equipment so this was a rookie mistake clearly. Car is only a couple weeks old to me and only has 20,000 miles on it. TIA.

I would try to disconnect the negative battery cable for about an hour. Reason for the hour is that many components contain capacitors to keep electronics “alive” even if the battery is temporarily disconnected.

I assume you have your radio or entertainment center’s security code. You may need it after you re-connect the cable.

Is there any chance you connected the battery charger incorrectly (backwards) for even just a second when you hooked it up?

I expect the charging method you used caused a hick-up in the car’s electrical system. As posted above, disconnect the negative of the battery and charge it up overnight with your battery charger. Hopefully that will do the trick.

When charging with a battery charger, here’s how I do it if I don’t want to disconnect the battery first. I turn the key to off and remove the key from the ignition switch, close all the doors, make sure nothing remains powered up like the dome light. Next, with the charger unplugged, I set the charger to the low current 2 amp mode, connect the two charger output cables to the battery, double check I’ve connected them + to +, - to -, , then I plug the charger in. I check that the current meter is doing its thing, charging at 2 amps or less rate, then just let it do its thing. It can take 12 hours or more before it is charged, depending on how dead it was to begin with.

Be aware that when you disconnect the battery you can run into problems with the car’s anti-theft alarm system and the radio system. How to deal with those problems may require a call to the dealership. And once the battery is reconnected and the engine started, the engine might idle poorly at first. It may have to relearn the proper idle parameters.

Remembering when auto whaatever was going to put a battery in my daughters saturn, do you use a memory saver? (a batttery that connects to obd or powerpoint to preserve memory)
Yes we do ever since we had to pay $1200 for a honda brains. (ecm?)