Changing dash lights in 2002 Honda Accord

To change the dash lights in my 2002 Honda Accord 6 cylinder EX coupe, do I need to disconnect the battery first? Has anyone out there tried replacing the light that shows up the tachometer?

You don’t NEED to, but I would recommend it just in case you accidentally short the wrong wire.

Here’s a video that walks you through the whole process:

I always disconnect the battery when doing most electrical work but there are exceptions to the rule. Dash work is not one of them. I once had a neighbor who burned up his truck while replacing his head lights. He left his head light switch on when he left to go get another head light at the auto parts store. He had broken the bulb and just left it in the socket but it decided to glow again on the top of some greasy rags.

I almost never disconnect batteries when servicing a car, but I’m a professional and my reasons for doing so are much different. There is no mechanical reason for disconnecting the battery. Nothing will short out or deploy or be otherwise damaged if you leave it connected.

If you do disconnect the battery be sure you have the code to reactivate your radio.

I use a memory saver any time I disconnect a battery. One that plugs into the obd is my preference.