RAM 1500 Ramcharger

Stellantis is bringing out a RAM 1500 series hybrid called the Ramcharger. It uses a 3.6 L 6 cylinder ICE to recharge the battery in much the same way the Chevy Volt did. The range before the ICE kicks in is up to 145 miles, pretty stout for a hybrid. There’s lots of power too at 663 HP and 613 lb-ft torque, applied to all four wheels with separate motors on front and back. Comments? Anyone interested in buying one?

I assume it’s a plug-in hybrid, correct?

Yes, it is. Here’s the article I read this morning about it. I’m sure that there is more in the internet too.


Here’s a more in depth article from C and D.


Well that got my attention… lol

But I wish all these people revamping old names, would stop unless it is like the Challenger was…

Trucks are designed to haul things. Pull trailers. Not move people. They should be exempt from cafe standards.

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Most trucks seem to only haul people.


If only pickups were sold to haul stuff. Most aren’t used for that now, so MPG regs need to apply to them.

3/4 ton trucks and above (>8,500 GVWR) are exempt from CAFE standards.

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No, I already have a truck. But I’d consider that one if I were looking to buy a new truck. I don’t really need that much power, so I couldn’t justify paying extra for it. In other words the cost-factor would probably move my interests to a different make/model of truck.

Price is estimated to be $65,000 - $100,000. I bet most will be at the upper end to start.

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Maybe somebody will enter one in the America’s Truck Night tv-show competition … lol … I’d watch that!

Do you think that RAM would do a product placement and would the network accept it?

No idea, but it would be interesting to see how it compares to the mostly vintage home-brew competition. My guess, it would do pretty good as long as the truck’s safety systems didn’t kick in & interfere.

I’m not familiar with the show. I suspect the do some outlandish hooning like jumps and I doubt that RAM would be interested in anything like that.

I receive that show on an over-the-air channel. I think it is also available for free internet viewing via u-tube. Yeah, it is hard to understand how the trucks even hold up to all that punishment. Most of the trucks in fact don’t, and either are removed from the show completely or need some repair mid-show. They have a multi-bay repair shop on site. Part of the show’s interest is how the damage is fixed by hook or by crook, and quickly. They only allowed an hour, usually involves welding something that broke.

Off-road challenges with old, modified trucks, there is no reason for someone to want to abuse a new truck like that.