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Railroad tracks

With regard to railroad tracks that cross the highways or roads, some railroad tracks are very rough. On some of the crossings the tracks stick up from the road about one-fourth inch and I can hear my car banging. My question is this. If I drive over those tracks at normal highway speeds (as most cars do) am I doing any damage to my car? If so, what parts of my car are being damaged? Thank you. abxxx

I would not conclude that simply hearing the noise that contact makes that any damage is happening.

What do you consider normal highway speeds? Are you obeying local laws when you cross these railroad tracks?

You’re worried about a quarter inch?

Most vehicles have suspension travel somewhere in the 3 to 7 inch range, and you are worried about 1/4 of an inch of travel?

Take a different route if the tracks bother you that much.

It annoys me to no end to have to practically come to a stop behind a Chevy Suburban with a lift kit on it while I’m driving my Porsche Boxster over a set of tracks I travel over every weekday, at 35 mph without slowing down at all.


The Bugatti stays in the garage just because of this.

None at posted speeds provided…it’s only 1/4 inch RR tracks. There are more important obstacles to worry about.

The edge of RR tracks are not really as much of a problem as the trailing edge of a pothole. Problems of this type are more associated with high performance, low aspect ratio tires. What is your tire size and do you keep them properly inflated ? That and staying withing moderate speeds would be my biggest concern when dealing with obstacles of this type, with RR tracks being the least of your worries.

The more overtaken the plumbing, the easier it is to plug the drain.

Um, all of the respondants here seem to be assuming that the edges of the railroad tracks are in good shape and the pavement hasn’t collapsed and/or potholed at the edges. They obviously haven’t been on Canal atreet in Nashua. Or Gold street in Manchester.

Go easy until you get to know the crossing. If you can hear the car banging uncomfortably, assume you need to slow down. You’re probably the best judge of that.

Simple - you do what feels right for you. Tracks near my house are in good shape, I drive over them at the speed limit, but I often slow down for somebody ahead of me that doesn’t want to go the speed limit. Fine by me, it’s their call.

Yep. NOTHING worse than a pothole right ne3xt to a rail!