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Railroad tracks II

The cars are going the speed limit but I always slow down somewhat, much to the chagrin of the cars following me. Also, a quarter-inch is quite an intrusion. How would you like to drive over a qusrter-inch high pipe? abxxx

If the worst my car ever had to experience was driving over something a quarter inch high, I would be a happy. The turtles on a highway dividing line are higher than that. The Charlie Bars on the edge of the road are deeper than that.
Your car’s suspension was designed to handle normal road undulations. It’s potholes that violently bottom out your car’s suspension that do the damage.

I often slow down at RR tracks, but only until I know how level they are. Then I adjust my speed to match the needs of the crossing.

I guess I’m dead meat. My dirt road is crowned with 2 inch minus gravel, meaning a continuous surface of of material 2 inches or less. “Tiz” greater than 1/4 inch and we’ve been doing it for 15 years. I wish someone had told me to park my car at the end of the road and walk in the mile and a half every day.
When I started posting and mentioned I lived on a dirt road, no one mentioned this car destroying practice. Where was all the great advice when I really needed it ? :=)

Why is this sudden blurting of a fragment of someone’s stream of consciousness now posted here twice?

I feel a case of road rage coming on.

You must live somewhere with really smooth roads.

There is a set of railroad tracks i have to cross frequently, which stick up a good inch, maybe more, above the road. I slow WAY down for them, but there are lots of road irregularities in my area that are greater than 1/4 inch for which i don’t slow down.

if it bothers you to hit the tracks at speed, slow down. There’s no law against slowing down.

I’ve handled worse potholes in my old Civic before

You can always say that you were making sure no trains were coming.

I’ve seen pebbles on the road bigger than 1/4 inch.