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General Discussion

Got a quick question. Is it better to “fly” over the railroad tracks or slow down and try to avoid the holes. No matter where you drive here where I live you have to always go over railroad tracks, that is in the town.

It is better to slow down.

I’d slow down. If you fly over them you will just have to replace your suspension sooner. Much sooner. An added advantage is that you can better avoid being crushed by a train if you slow down and look both ways.

Unless you have wings, you won’t be able to “fly”. Same goes for your car. Reminds me of the email circulating recently that advises not to use cruise control in the rain or snow because the car can “fly” out of control.

Seriously, slow down for the RR tracks.

I am sure your “buddies” say fly (I just know it) give some of their reasons if you would.

The misconception is understandable. The faster you go, because of inertia, the smoother the car feels----as long as the beating the suspension is taking isn’t transmitted to the cabin. So, it’s not better for the suspension, or car control.