Radio Wiring Question


I have a 1992 Lebaron convertible. Recently I installed replacement speakers in the doors. After installing the speakers they worked fine. The next day I closed the ashtray and the speakers stopped working…any answers?


Just some general guesses, presuming that the ash tray is in the dash (rather than in the doors, where you did the wiring).

If the ash tray really caused the failure than it must have pinched/cut some wire. Try removing the ash tray from the dash and peering into the hole in the das to see if there are any damaged wires.

Otherwise, do some general trouble shooting. What’s dead – just the door speakers or the whole radio? If it’s only the speakers, check the wiring (especially if there is a splice or connector anywhere near the ash tray). Beyond that, it’s just too general a problem – so far – to give specific advice.


Did you do anything to the wiring under the dash when you replaced the speakers? If so, then that is where to look, but you should not have needed to do anything to the under-dash wiring. Some folks like to add larger gauge wires, but that’s not really necessary if you aren’t adding a more powerful head unit or amplifier.

I’d just try moving the cables behind the ash tray and see if that changes things. It could be the radio connector is just a little loose.