Radio tuning problem

My radio started changing frequency (up or down one notch) right after having a mechanic check a tire for a very slow leak.

He said the problem was in the valve stem/TPMS and he could not fix it because he didn’t have the part.

It hasn’t leaked since but the radio keeps moving off the station.

Can the TPMS interfere with the radio or is that plain nuts?

Do you have a steering wheel control for changing the frequency? If so, I’d suspect that it’s acting up.

There are no plain nuts when it comes to electronics or electricty. I just watched a PBS story about Tesla. He and Edison were big rivals when Edison didn’t hand over the bonus money. I wouldn’t be surprised if police radar, TPMS, GPS and the radio produce a wormhole to an alternate universe when used at the same time.

Rotating the tires might help. Good luck with that one.

I don’t see how the TPMS system could cause this trouble. It sounds like there is a problem with the switch contacts for the tuning control or something is wrong with the control circuit inside the radio. If you end up needing to replace the radio check out Ebay for some good deals on a replacement unit.

How would like like to have a pay deduction to fix this one? You fix a tire leak and now the radio is on you.This is right up there close to the top in “most unlikely linkages”.