'08 Accent - Radio loses power

Hi there, I’ve got an '08 Hyundai Accent, and the radio just loses power altogether sometimes. At first I thought it was a fuse, but then it came back on after a while. I realize it’s likely a bad connection, but can someone tell me where specifically to look for this connection before I take the dash apart?

Radio connections are usually right behind the radio. A good stereo shop could remove the radio and check the connections in mere minutes. If the radio is bad…check out crutchfield.com to replace the radio. They ship with the proper installation kit so there is not cutting or splicing of wires (bad thing in computerized vehicles).

Looking at some data it shows that there is a green wire that provides power to the radio when the ignition is turned on. There is also a red wire that provides memory power to the radio at all times. The trouble is most likely inside the radio but possibly not. Using a test light probe will make testing for power pretty easy. You could use a pin to stick into the back side of the plug or pierce the insulation to check the voltage.

Try replacing the fuse. Sometimes they’ll get a tiny crack in them, difficult to see, which will create an intermittent. Worth a try anyway.