Radio presets go away


With all other electrical features apparently functioning why does my radio lose its sets about once a week? The alternator is six years old. The starter that was replaced at the same time was done again in Jan 08. Do I have to go thru this with alternator again? Before I let the mechanic check it for a day I’d like to know what to expect.


what kind of radio? factory/ aftermarket? are cup holders set in front of it? sometimes, a cup in the cup holders pressing on the set button for an hour or so will reset the whole thing.

it is possible the yellow (power always on) wire to the radio is frayed, or has a bad spot in it. but that would require removing radio from dash to wiggle around to find it.

if you are not having any other problems, i would just live with it. but if there are other issues with the electric then get it checked out.


You may have a loose or flaky fuse. Not the one in the usual in-cabin fuse box but the one in the other fuse box under the hood. Maybe even the inline fuse plugged into the radio itself. Fuses are cheap; you might try replacing the fuses and cross your fingers. If this fails the problem is likely in the radio itself.

If you take this problem to a mechanic there’s a 99.5% chance he will come up with nothing useful with regard to the radio but still recommend a brake flush and transmission flush. Or new struts.