2009 Pontiac Vibe Electric Power Steering Problem

My electric power steering went out and simultaneously the red power steering light illuminated on the dash. I pulled off the road and turned the car completely off and restarted. Normal steering resumed. I took the to the dealership and they got a code for “Steering Angle Sensor”. The mechanic said replacing that would probably not fix the problem and said the whole steering column would need replacing. He said the steering checked out fine and passed all tests while in the shop and did not recommend doing any repair. He said it may never fail again. A month later I had the same power steering problem happed again and was again able to fix by turning the car off then back on again. I took it to a different dealership for troubleshooting and they said they were not able to communicate with the “power steering control module.” They recommended changing the module for about $1300. I have checked for recalls and contacted GM and they will not help out financially with any repairs since it is out of warranty. The car has 58000 miles. Has anyone else had electric power steering with their Vibe? Any recommendations about how to proceed would be appreciated.

My first guess is a loose or corroded electrical connection.
Find a mechanic who is willing to check connectors and harnesses for the steering system.

Second guess is a problem in the control module.
How much of that $1300 is labor?
Insist the shop return your old module and refund the cost of the new part if it doesn’t fix the problem.

Half the $1300 is for labor to remove the dash. Apparently it is hard to get at.

Hi just wondering if u got the problem figured out bc it am having the same problem but I think I got it figured out. Let me know if u want to chat about what I found

Why not let all of us know what you have found?