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Radio/electrical issue

A few weeks ago, I went out to my car & the remote opener would not work. So I opened the door with the key. I went to start the car & it would not start. I got absolutely nothing. I also then could not get the key back out of the ignition. It would not even turn back to the original position. My father helped me get the car started with a jump, but since then my car radio does not work. I also do not hear any noise when using the turn signals. They work, but no “blinking” sound. I tried to research this thinking maybe you have to “reset” the radio after a power “outage” but have been unable to find anything on how to do this. Help! My husband recently passed away and I’m feeling a little lost when it comes to issues with my car. Any ideas or ideas on where I can find some info?

@jillian does the radio power up?

Does the radio display read “code”

If the answer is yes, you need to enter the security code.

It it doesn’t power up, you need to check if the radio fuse is blown.

There should be two fuses for the radio–one main fuse and one that keeps the memory and clock alive. If they are both still good, try pulling them both, wait a few minutes, then reinstall them. The radio may have gotten its tiny brains scrambled with the power loss and this may reset it.

If a couple of attempts of this do not fix the situation, the radio or an external amplifier that connects to it may have gotten damaged from the power surge when jumping the car.

It would help to know what kind of car you have. Do you still have the owners manual in the glove box?

Thanks for the responses. No, the radio does not power up. I will try the fuse suggestions and see if that works. It is a 2009 Chevy Equinox and I do have the owners manual.