Radio cuts on/off

2010 Kia Optima. Radio constantly turns on/off. I hear a clicking sound under the dash board. I hear the clicking even when I turn the radio off.

The radio probably needs to be replaced.

The clicking noise, is it constant or does it only happen when you change heat/AC settings?

The clicking sounds like a relay of some kind. Try pulling fuses one at a time to see what makes the noise stop. You’ll at least narrow down the list of suspects.

Not sure. I’ll be back in it soon and will try using the AC and listen. Thanks!

Thank you! I will try this too.

If nothing simple seems to work ask your shop to monitor the power supply voltage input to the radio. If there’s no problem with the power inputs (usually there are two) yet the radio still turns off at random, you’re most likely looking at a replacement radio. You might be able to get a used one at a reasonable price from an automobile recycling business, pick N pull, etc.