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Radio antenna

How difficult is it to troubleshoot and repair an antenna for the radio on 2003 Lincoln Town Car? Since I don’t see an antenna I presume its in the windshield? Antenna problem would be broken connection, where?

Mostly all you can do is visually check the coax and the runs in the windshield or back window, however, if you have a little sharks fin on the roof, center back, that is your antenna. Its a satellite antenna.

Otherwise you need a TDR for troubleshooting.

the antenna for this car is part of the rear window, there are a few TSB’s that have been issued in the past. From what I understand it is built into the grid for the rear defogger.

You will need a wiring diagram. Also make sure & see if it has a power wire to the antenna too.

Poor AM reception has a TSB to replace the wiring harness to the Hidden Antenna Module.

To make certain that the problem is the radio antenna, I would connect a rod antenna to the antenna input on the radio. Put the antenna outside the car. If the radio works properly, then you have an antenna problem. My repair would be to then install a rod antenna either alongside the trunk lid or on a front fender and find a way to run the antenna lead to the radio.