Radio And Gauge Issues

I recently got a 2003 350z that seemed very clean. The dash backlight didn’t work so I took a look under the dash and found a red wire hanging loose and was going to throw power at it and see what it did. As I was trying to strip into an led strip wire for power, I hadn’t realized the key was left in the ignition and cut it with power going to the strip using a razer blade. The positive and negative touched and then I heard a pop.(Found out later the led strip was wired directly into the main harness not into the fuse box.) The led strips burnt out, my radio stopped working, the digital speedo gauge in the center stopped working, and my nav screen stopped working. However, the radio and nav buttons still light up, and the other 2 center gauges work fine. I tried checking fuses but didn’t know what fuse to look for sure, but none seemed to be blown. Are the electronics just fried and I need to replace them? I feel like the wiring is fine as the speedo and 2 of the center gauges still work.

You blew a fuse. Check every fuse with a test light, including the fuses in the engine compartment fuse box.

also check relays.
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