Radiator Leaking after installing

My radiator was leaking from the top two days ago, I took it to repair it, I purchased the upper part of the radiator and tested it in the shop and was all good, when I arrived home I noticed it is leaking from the bottom, note: they had to remove the whole radiator to install the upper part.

where do you think the leak is now coming from, is it because the bolt is not tight? or the hose is not installed properly, or the radiator is the problem

the first thing I would do is replace the original hose clamp that was put back. they are supposed to be replaced not reused.


No way to tell from here but you’ll just have to follow the stream back. I will say though that if it was the plastic tank the was replaced, they are crimped on and don’t always work. I did it once and it worked but you have to be very careful. If it’s the hose just correct that, but if it is the actual radiator, it is better to just replace the whole thing. My opinion.