Radiator Leak 95 Roadmaster EW


I have a 1995 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon with a leaking radiator. It is a small leak on the drivers side of the radiator. The 2 hoses connected to that area are somewhat worn/corroded as well. The hoses are not leaking, however. I was wondering about the product Barsleak for radiators. Does this work? Is it safe for the vehicle? Or, should I just get it fixed?

Thanks for any input!

I would get it pressure-tested and fixed properly. These weak areas have a habit of causing problems at the most inconvenient places, such as in Houston rush hour trafic in July or traversing the Mojave Desert.

This forum believes in being PROACTIVE and forestall problems. A 1995 car is 17 years old and anything can happen to items that need periodic replacement. I worked in the Midle East and the contactors replaced all belts and hoses every 2 years on their cars and trucks.

Thank you Docnick


I agree with Docnick as well. If you blow a radiator then you might be looking at cracked cylinder heads or a cracked block. Your vehicle would probably be heading for the scrap yard after that.