Radiator Repair Kits

I have a small leak in the radiator of my 99 Honda Prelude and heard that radiator repair kits are available as a temporary fix. The car has not overheated yet, but my mechanic pointed out the leak and now i need to dirve it from san francisco to Los angeles. Anyone have experience using radiator repair kits such as AlumAseal, or ones made by Permatex, or others? thanks

Pour a teaspoon of black pepper into the radiator/coolant reservior, and put the cap back on. Start the engine and let it idle, and watch the leak stop.


Why not get the radiator replaced? You are going to have to do it eventually anyway. You may as well do it now while the car is still running.

That’s a big gamble…'frisco to LA. If it fails on the road, far from anywhere the tow bill along will be more expensive then the cost of replacing the radiator before you left, not to mention the time delay while it’s being fixed.If you have the time and money go for it!

As Whitey says, fix it properly; you may be stuck by the side of the road and end up paying a lot more. I used a temporary stop leak additive once when camping in the woods of Maine; it got me back home where I had the radiator properly fixed. In those days with metal radiators, you could rebuild the unit.

The best radiator repair kit is a new radiator. Changing the radiator on a Honda is pretty easy. Took me about 1 1/2 hours on my Accord, and that included replacing the thermostat.

That is a really nice car.

Don’t risk ruining the engine knowing your radiator not may but will fail. Repair kits are sold to make the maker profit and give false hope. You’d do better praying to your favorite deity to hope the leak does not happen when you don’t want it.

If you MUST use a temporary repair, Bars-Leaks works best. It should give you 90 days but as the damaged area spreads, the leak will resume at some point…Replacement radiators are not that expensive…

a radiator that has lasted 9 years has been great. Some complain about plastic tanks on some of them, but just REPLACE the radiator, you got your money’s worth a long time ago out of this one.