Radiator Fluid

What type of Radiator Fluid goes into a 2000 Eddie Bauer Mountaineer?

It appears you should use the Motorcraft standard green coolant. If you do a full, complete flush on the cooling system, getting rid of all traces of the old coolant, you can use whatever you wish.

Motorcraft green and Zerex green are essentially the same forumulation. I can’t vouch for the other brands on this, regardless of color, because the green color does not denote exact or similar formulations anymore.

I say this because some of the more infamous Dex-cool clones are colored green.

Most every auto parts store now just stocks universal coolants. Any of these should be fine in Fords. (Its usually yellow).

No such thing as a “Eddie Bauer” Mountaineer. For 2000 you had the base, Premiere, and Monterey trim levels. Anywho, as other’s have said just stick to regular green antifreeze/coolant and you’ll be fine. Do not mix Dexcool (orange antifreeze/coolant) with the green stuff. Bad things will happen.

BTW When did people start calling antifreeze/coolant “Radiator Fluid”? I’ve always heard the stuff referred to as Anti Freeze and sometimes Coolant. But more and more people are referring to it as “radiator fluid” these days it seems.