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Zerex Antifreeeze

NAPA sells Zerex antifreeze, and I have been told this is the safest coolant to use in my late 80’s model GM cars. It’s the green coolant most like the type used back in the 80’s, I am told. I have been advised not to use a mix or Dexcool in these older cars. Does anyone have knowledge about this topic to share? Thanks!

You can’t mix the green stuff with Dexcool. The mixture can turn to gel, and gel is not a good coolant.

I suggest you stick with the good old green stuff. Wasn’t life easier when there was just one type of antifreeze?

You should flush out all Dexcool before it’s too late.

It is true, you are not supposed to mix the green with the orange (Dex-Cool). I have been told by a reputable mechanic that I trust that there is a “Universal” coolant/antifreeze. He called it “gold”. Does anyone know about this? Can it truly be mixed with either the green or orange (but not both at the same time)fluids?

I doubt there’s any difference between Prestone and Zerex, use ether one, stay away from Dexcool. Keep it simple! No idea what the ‘gold’ one is…

the gold antifreeze this mechanic talks about is Zerex G-05. It is equivalent to Motorcraft/Ford yellow and some others. If you specify Zerex G-05, or equivalent, you will be getting the antifreeze he is referring to.

As a matter of practice, I don’t mix types. I seldom mix brands.

There is also a “all makes, all models” antifreeze made by Prestone and others (like Supertech from Walmart) that is not G-05, but claims that it can be mixed with any antifreeze.

The best antifreeze is one of the new “long life”“mixes with all types/colors” All brands have this type, including Zerex. Of the major brands, Prestone, Zerez and Peak, I think all are about equal so get the brand you feel most comfortable with. For myself, I look for the one that’s on sale at the time.