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Coolant type

Is it ok to use green colored coolant once or twice when orange coolant is recommended?

Never mix them. You can change if you flush out with water.

What happens if u do mix?

I believe you risk having it glob up and clog the cooling system.

Why would you want to change from the recomended coolant ?

Sounds like the coolant was low and some green was added.

Solution is to do a thorough coolant change, with a flush with water, and make sure the reservoir is emptied and rinsed out.

I would do exactly as you say then @texases , then just make sure the coolant you bought or had on hand was campatable with what ever you put in.

Concur with @texases. If you do have Dexcool (horrible stuff) then mixing the green stuff with it creates a dark, sticky mess that can cause your engine to overheat and may plug your radiator.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the coolant itself (Dexcool) but situations like a blown hose, water pump leaking or someone adds the wrong anti-freeze and it’s a recipe for disaster. That’s why I always remove Dexcool from any vehicle I own. Why tempt fate when other anti-freezes are readily available? I use the yellow variety and have never had a problem.

Dexcool is fine if and only if it gets replaced every 5 years, as per the GM service schedule.

Wait too long and all bets are off.

If you use DEXCOOL don’t mix it with anything else.