Radar blowing fuses?


My Chevy Astro van seems to blow a fuse, literally, every time it gets zapped by police radar. Is this possible? How can I fix this situation? Tired of buying 20amp fuses.


Which fuse is blowing?


the ECM-I. Car dies.


Why do you think this problem is associated with police radar?


It only seems to happen when I see police vehicles and they seem to be working radar set-ups. Does not happen any other time.


What year is your van?


1997 Astro Van


No way…The radar used by police isn’t powerfull enough to cause any problem like that unless the radar was 2-3 inches away from the circuitry.


The ECM-1 fuse provides power to the crank sensor, fuel injectors, ECM, ignition module, and coil.

As Mike stated police radar alone would not cause this problem. However, if you have installed any electronic equipment in the van such as a CB radio, etc. it could potentially cause you problems.

Has anything been done to the van since the onset of this problem. Recent repair work, accessory installation, etc?



Politely ask the officer to not use the radar gun while you’re around.


the only thing added has been an aftermarket cruise control. this is a company van that I received about three months ago so I don’t have any history I just know that this problem happened about a month ago and now has reoccurred again today


How it happened today was this. I saw a police car on the side of the highway, obviously using radar. As I got past him, zap. The van stopped. Then on the way back, same place, he pulled out and followed me. A car sped by us and zap, the police car pulled out from behind me to chase the speeding car and my van stopped. About 15 - 20 miles later, the same situation where another policeman was working radar and as I drove past, zap…my van stopped. This occurred once before, about 2 months ago. I was traveling on business, the van stopped. Replaced the fuse, and on the way home, exact same spot, the fuse blew again. Too much of a coincidence.


Diconnect the cruise control and see if it happens again. You might have a short in that systtem and whoever installed it took the power from that particular fuse.


It could be that the police radio is killing the fuse. I can imagine it happening but wouldn’t have believed it. The only thing I seem to recommend… See if the engine is grounded to the fender or firewall by a single cable all by itself. If it isn’t you should install a ground. If it is, you can clean the ends with a wire brush. Disconnect and clean and reattach. I have no idea if it will help. A ground strap touching the road could also help. Probably available at a truck stop. You can get a big T shirt there too.