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07 grand prix rack/pinion help

2007 grand prix…ive replaced 2 power steering racks…the right rack pinion mounting bracket keeps breaking…have also replaced shock and spring on right side as well

There is a LOT you are not telling us. How can we help if you don’t tell us anything about your car and why the 1st rack was replaced.

Was your car in an accident at any time?

If the vehicle has the GM Magna-steer, look for a power steering pump/pressure solenoid malfunction.


Oh sorry…i hit a bad pothole…it sheered the rack mount off…have replaced this rack 2x…still breaking the same mount bracket…right at the weld…even replaced the strut and spring on that side…still didnt help…dont know. Stumped…thinkin of getting one from salv yard…cheaper and its oem…worth a shot i guess…thanks for your help.

Well car was a gift from an older lady…I hit a bad pothole at around 50mph…so i guess you could call that an accident…thanks for your help

Would that cause the right rack mount to break?

Has 110000 miles…i havent seen evidence of any bent suspension parts…cant think of anything else

rack is mounted to the ears on the subframe. you can lower subframe slightly to reach bolts to make rack replacement easier. the frame is steel. the rack is cast aluminum. how tight are you bolting this rack down? sounds like the mounting tab/ears are not where they should be

Im just tightening till its really tight.didnt torque it.

Replaced rack pinion x2…broke rack mount after hitting pothole.replaced it it broke again at exactly same place without hitting anything…so in thinkin the subframe or something is bent…any i
deas?Oh sorry. My car is a 2007 grand prix with 110000 miles…the car was a gift…dont really know any more than that…