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Rack and pinion replacement?

I hit the curb while making a left turn-messed up the rim and blew out the tire. Now the steering wheel is moving up and down. How much should this cost to repair and is it worth it? I have 89,000 miles on it and my husband is going to kill me.

Since there could be more than one problem, someone will have to do a hands on evaluation before getting to any real numbers.

BTW for me a nice apple or cherry pie would go a long way.

Good luck

What is moving up and down? Do you really mean the actual steering wheel or a vibration. If it is the actual steering wheel then tow the car to a mechanic. DO NOT DRIVE. That may indicate that the rack of the steering control has broken bolts and the car is not safe to drive. A vibration is also very serious, it could mean that the joint that steers your wheel is nearly broken. This also requires a tow truck. Be safe.