Is car safe to drive - new steering rack needed



My steering rack needs replacing after banging the underneath of my car on a kerb.

I am unable to get to the garage at the moment due to work commitments.

Is it safe to drive my car?


In a word - NO.

You hit the curb hard enough to damage the rack…then I suspect there are other problems also.

+1 to @MikeInNh. If you damaged the rack, the steering may lock up while you are driving. That would be bad. Get it towed to the mechanic.

+1 to both Mike and Mustangman’s posts. With emphasis on the “Get it towed” part.

Add my recommendation as well; get it TOWED to the nearest capable shop.

This is kind of difficult to answer this via the net and not being able to See, Hear n Smell the issue first hand. How did you hit or even touch the rack on this vehicle after hitting a curb…Did your vehicle go up and over a curb and the curb was as far back as being BEHIND the front wheels?

Do you have any funny feeling in the steering? Are the wheels now Mal-Alligned now? Does the steering wheel pull to the left or right? Any leaks? Sounds?

Not sure why we don’t know your vehicle Make and type…isn’t that a required field nowadays to ask a question?

We need a little more info to be able to help to be honest. However…erring on the safe side…the guys are advising you correctly at the moment. We need to know more about your vehicle…and MUCH more about What happened EXACTLY.

You may have time to get to a shop…or you might need to get towed… Since we havent much to go on…the guys are advising you on the safe side…which is always…Safe…duh… LOL

More info please


I’m wondering how it was determined that your rack was damaged. It’s in a somewhat protected spot behind the engine on most cars assuming it’s front wheel drive

2 possibilities . . .

Hit the curb . . . BUT GOOD . . . causing extreme impact to travel through the tie rods, to the rack, damaging it

Backing out of a driveway, instead of staying on the driveway, veered off course, smashing the underside of the car on the curb instead

I’ve seen the 2nd scenario quite a few times