Rack an pinion

I just had my oil changed and was told that my rack an pinion was leaking also my valve cover leaked I had the gasket change about a year ago an the leak is so slight it wont even show up in my dip stick, is it possible the valve cover leak is getting on the rack boot. also can I change just the boot car has 15000mi in great shape an well maintained Thanks

I’d monitor my engine oil and power steering fluid levels, if they’re not dropping I’d just keep an eye on them.

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Another +1 for above posters. Years ago nearly all cars leaked various fluids, and parking lots had all these black patches. Maintaining fluid levels is important but small leaks can be tolerated. I’ve used many of my wife’s cast off cookie sheet with kitty litter on them to keep my gargae floor clean.

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@RonnySpeir the boot isn’t your problem.

The boot is there to protect the inner tie rods from the elements.

If there’s fluid leaking past the boot, the rack has internal leaks (bypassing, probably) and should be replaced with a remanufactured unit.

That would also necessitate an alignment.

Is it really leaking that badly?

Are you constantly topping off power steering fluid?

I agree with the others. Monitor your fluid levels regularly.

If your car uses a timing belt (rather than a timing chain) and the valve cover leak is in the camshaft sprocket area, you might want to get that fixed, as oil can leak onto the timing belt and may result in an expensive repair. You didn’t say what kind of car you have, but on most of the older econobox sedans repairing valve cover gaskets usually isn’t that involved.