Quote for Timing Belt, Water Pump, Seals, Radiator AND A/c Evac/Recharge..... Fair Price?

For my '99 Pathfinder (3.3L), I was told that my radiator has some stress marks in the top tank and it is recommended I change it when doing my timing belt. My a/c blows warm b/c the compressor shuts itself off due to low pressure. So, for everything, here’s the breakdown, want to find out if the pricing is fair:
A/C Evac/Recharge/ Add dye/R134A - $108
Labor for Timing belt, Crankshaft & Camshaft seals, Tensioner (he says if it is needed), Water Pump, Radiator, Hoses - $450
Parts (including radiator, radiator cap, thermostat, seals, hoses, coolant, & water pump - $525
Grand total $1,083 before taxes.

Seems like a fair price for a competent, professional shop using quality parts.

Okay… how many miles are on this? I can understand a timing belt and maybe getting water pump done… belt tensioner maybe…

“The radiator has stress marks”? what the heck is that? A/c is another animal. No…
I’d get the timing belt done your call on the water pump. and see if the rad is okay. When it comes to a/c I’d go to a service shop that is strong on a/c repairs… you might be looking at more than you think.

It’s prudent to replace the water pump when doing the timing belt on this vehicle. The water pump sits behind the timing belt…so as long as you’re there you might as well replace it. Have them replace the tensioner even if it looks good…

The price seems reasonable…if the radiator actually needs to be replaced. That’s the only part that seems a little fishy. You can do the timing belt without removing the radiator…it’s a LOT easier if you do however. So if it is bad then just have them replace it. But I too really don’t know what stress marks are…And how a radiator could possibly get them.

This is a plastic/aluminum radiator, correct? 12 years on a plastic radiator is a lot. I would not blink at the suggestion that it is about to let go. The estimate looks quite reasonable to me.

Even a dedicated AC shop would most likely recharge the system and add dye. Hard to find the leak unless you do that.

I agree with Mike. Everything sounds good (and the timing belt quote actually sounds quite reasonable) but I’m curious about the radiator part.

Reasonable estimate.

If you live in the salt belt there is a recall of this vehicle that seriously effects safety. Here >> http://news.consumerreports.org/cars/2011/04/recall-nissan-pathfinder-infiniti-qx4-suv-rust-danger.html

My brother is in limbo right now driving around in a supplied rental from Nissan while they figure out what to do with his 2001 Pathfinder he was not ready to change.