Quietest..errr...most quiet convertible

So I’m looking at convertibles, this is Arizona after all, but in the past been a little annoyed at how noisy they can be. What is quietest among the “non-hardtop” convertibles?

Ford Thunderbird Convertibles 2002 - 2005 are very quiet to ride in with the top down.

The Toyota Camry Solara convertible is quiet. It has at lest 2 layers to reduce the noise. Test drive one and see how you like it. A new one starts at about $31,000 MSRP.

my '04 T’bird; I wish it was my house, but not.

My Miata was very quiet when I put the hard top on. Took about 30 seconds.

Are you asking about top up or down driving?

Both Rolls Royce and Bently have extremely quiet convertibles. The top has thick padding to keep out wind noise. This may be a little over the top for what you want, but I’m just answering the question.

The original VW beetle convertible had a padded top as well.

OK…good information. To add some details/answer some questions.

I’m looking for info. for when the top is up and soft top/non-hard tops only.

Also looking mainly at BMW Saab models in the $5k range, so older, mid 90’s models

I know the Saab, and believe the BMW’s, have double layer (fully padded) soft tops. They should be quiet when they are up, without much wind noise. My '04 T’bird has the same type soft top and there is no wind noise and it is very quiet even at speeds far above 65 mph. I had a '61 Merc Convertible and that top would fill up with the wind and there was a lot of wind noise as air rushed by the top’s frame and the windows.

The cars you are looking at are well designed and the tops and windows match up and seal well. They will be quiet enough for you top wise. There will be mechanical noise, and tire noise so test drive to see which car gives you the quiet you need.

If the top is noisey it is probably worn out and ready for replacement. Fabric tops don’t last forever, somewhere between 10 and 20 years it will be time to replace the original top.