2011 Cadillac CTS - Looking for qiet tires

What tires are the quietest for 2011caddy cts base. Car running great.Going to South Dakota and Colorado

Go to Tire Rack web site and you will get more info than you can digest or ask your local tire store for recommendations.


Tirerack is very useful. So is Consumer Reports. Every November they publish a new report on tires. Noise is one of their criteria.

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My tires are quiet but they fit a minivan so personal experience here could be rare. I’m happy to see that somebody else mentioned Consumer Reports because I’m reluctant to type that many letters.

Yes, the OP should definitely use the Tirerack website and CR’s ratings–if he can access the CR tire tests.

For the OP’s benefit, you have to bear in mind that, no matter how well-intentioned anyone might be with specific tire recommendations, those anecdotal comments are likely to be incomplete, and to not include the entire universe of “quiet” tires that are out there in the marketplace. Only by using the sources that were recommended are you likely to get an objective list of all of the tires that might meet your criteria.

I’ve always been partial to Goodyear but have General and Michelin too. The tire store has always been helpful in selecting the tire to fit my needs. I just have not found the websites that helpful. Just too many different driving situations and personal opinions. The same tire can get good and bad reviews.

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"Bing, The same tire can get good and bad reviews.

That could be said of anything you check reviews on.

… and then there are tire stores that sell old, outdated tires that are even not of the appropriate load-bearing range for a particular vehicle.

When I saw the aged, undersized Bridgestones that a local tire chain had “pushed” on a friend when he needed immediate tire replacement, I freaked out. When I confronted the manager the next day, he agreed to replace those old, undersized Bridgestones, and I… “convinced”… him that there should be no extra charge for putting proper Michelins on my friend’s Rav-4.

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We had a 2014 Kia Optima, not sure what the tires were, Great for the most part, we would hit some roads in our travels the tires made a lot of road noise. Michelins seem to do good for us as oem