Questions about O2 sensor/pigtail for a Dodge Stratus

Hi, I’m looking for a bank 1 downstream O2 sensor and pigtail for a friends 2004 Dodge Stratus with the 2.7 engine. The part stores around me are asking if the car has the next generation engine control module, and whether or not the car is flex fuel. I have no idea about the module. One guy did tell me if there is an R in the vin# it’s not flex fuel, and if there is a T it is. Does that sound right? Can anyone tell me how to find out if it has this next gen engine controll module? I’d really appreciate any advice you can give me!

Get the car’s complete VIN number and go to the parts store (or check it at the part store’s online site). THAT will insure you get the correct part.

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Thanks, I’ll try that! After doing A little digging online, I’m thinking cars with the next generation engine control module have a square O2 sensor connector, and the other has a round connector. Thanks for your reply!

Next Generation Controller (PCM) has 4 connectors. SBECIII has 2 connectors.

This may help