I can't seem to stop cylinder 2 from misfiring in the 98 stratus


So, I have a persistent and worsening misfire in cylinder #2 in a 1998 2.0 liter dodge stratus. I have already replaced the coil, plug, wire, injector, O2 sensor. I am thinking about replacing the map sensor? It sometimes reads a pending cylinder number 4 code/random misfire/multiple cylinder misfire, but the #2 is the one that comes through for flip the light. What should I check? Any ideas? It seems to be running lean? What can I do about that?


What does the spark plug tip look like? That should be examined closely first thing as reading a plug can tell a lot.

Low compression or a vacuum leak, depending on location, could have an effect on that cylinder.


Once again OK4450 hit the nail on the head. You have most likely got a vaccuum leak where the intake manifold meets the cylinder head on the number 2 cylinder. I had the same problem with my daughters 2 litre Neon. Changed out the intake gasket and everything is great.