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Question plugs or cam?

what is a cam position sensor? what does it do? What is the approximate cost of item and installation in your local market? I have a 2000 Ford tauras, 84k mile,smallv6, missing between 45/55 mph.Does not miss below or above those speeds. Dealer says cam,localshop says replace spark plugs

You can get a much better description of what a camshaft position sensor is and what it does if you’ll google it, than anyone here can provide in a paragraph or two. It basically measures where your camshaft (hence pistons) are in relation to the others so it send a signal to the computer who’s job it is to send a signal to the coil to fire your spark plugs. Sort of an important guy. I think you can get one for between 20-70 bucks. It could be causing your problem, as could a bad ignition wire, plug, coil, injector, etc.

Which shop did a diagnosis?

The cam position sensor tells the engine’s control computer what position the cam (and thus valves, crank, and pistons) are in at any given moment in time. That’s how the computer knows exactly when to fire sparkplugs, pulse injectors, etc.

A new one will run you $25 to $50.

By the way, if the plugs are overdue you may want to change them while you have your head under the hood, and plug wires are always prudent if overdue also. And if these parts are original they are way overdue. I’d try changing them first and then if it’s still skipping look further.

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