2003 Mustang GT Camshaft Sensor Issue


OK - I’ve got a 2003 Mustang GT (4.6l SOHC)& the ‘check engine’ light is on & it scans as a ‘P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor A-Bank Circuit Malfunction’. I eroniously thought I needed a special tool to replace it so I took it to a Ford dealer & they charged me $200 to replace a $20 part (sigh). The erro returned within a few days so…what else could it be?? I found the engine still starts & runs with the sensor disconnected so… The only other thing the lately, the engine has a habit of stumbling & stalling when first started when at operating temp. If it is cold-iron or the second crank try, it starts & runs fine. Is this related to the sensor?

Thanks in advance,


I thought it was more like a $50 part. They can be hard to get to on this engine, maybe an hour to change it. Sometimes the AC compressor is in the way. They probably added some diagnosis time. Maybe the wiring between the sensor and the PCM is the trouble.

Hey - I priced it for $22. Ford charged $40+1 hour labor ($60-$80?) + $90 scan diagnostic. The sensor is fairly accessible - right behind the Power Steering reservoir. I could have done it with a screw driver :-. I have heard rumors the alternator can cause this issue as well (another $200). I’ll do that myself - it’s right on top of the engine. However, is there anything else?