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Question for TRANSMAN

Hi sir,

99 Accord, 160,000, automatic, 4cyl vtec, properly maintained.

Recently the CEL came on following an episode of the engine running poorly. It painted EGR code P0401 which is being dealt with, and,

P1739: “third clutch pressure switch circuit fault.”

I investigated briefly in my Haynes and found that P1739 is one of the codes that will not trip the CEL.

I have not had any major issues with this transaxle. The fluid is at its proper level, Honda Z1 brand, and in good shape. I have it changed every 20,000 miles. Sometimes if I am driving along in 2nd gear, right around the upper speed limit before it would shift to third (20-25 mph), the car will jerk just a little but it is driveable. Could this be related?

Should I let this slide until something happens or should I get thee to a transmission tech. asap? What would you do? Could the thing go into limp mode one day without warning?



It could be just a loose wire or faulty connector.
A good tech with a multimeter should be able to sort it out for a reasonable cost.

Those switches fail a lot. Usually when they do there is a 2-3 flare and/or a 2-3 bump (Which you are feeling). Your book is right, this code will not illuminate the CEL or cause the D4 light to flash. Of course the wiring could be culprit but as many of these that I change, I would just replace the switch.