Question for those who know about tires

about 3 years ago my daughter was going to vermont for law school. so I went and got her new all weather tires and put them on her car. about 2 weeks later she was talking to her professors and they all said she needs snow tires up there. we dont really use snow tires here on Long Island. so like a good dad I went out and put on 4 blizzak ws80’s. i then took the unmounted all weather tires, bagged them individually and stacked them sidewall down in the corner of the garage.
well my son had moved back for a year and I didnt notice until recently that he had put a mounted tire on top and a big box. and a bunch of boxes in front of them. he just moved out and thats when I saw the tires again. I took them out of the bags and rolled them. they all have a wobble to them. do you think when I mount and balance them they will be ok? or are they ruined? I would hate to waste the money and time just to find out. thanks in advance

I’d certainly give them a try, they’re probably OK.


As long as the wheel weights are still attached to the wheels, you should be fine.

If it makes you feel better, take the wheels to a tire shop and have them rebalanced. But I suspect they are fine as is. No need to write off the whole tires.

I think they’re just tires, not on wheels. So they’ll need to mounted and balanced.


the tires are not on rims.

My mistake, I see that now.

I’d have them remounted and balanced, and give them a try. There’s no other way to find out, that I can see.

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I just thought someone might have run into this problem before and might know the answer. I dont need the tires right now so if there no good I would toss them instead of holding on to them

@CapriRacer is about the only really resident tire expert here. The rest of us would just say to mount them and try them to see what happens. Gotta realize though an empty tire is only a shell until pressurized on a wheel.

Edit: I should have added that I know nothing about tires. When someone tells me not to comment though, I’m contrarian enough to comment anyway. Sue me.


I think the rest of us would say mount and balance! You may want to give the tires standalone time to see if they go back to normal, thinking standing up would be the best.

I used to haul tires and sometimes transfer them from one trailer to another, the ones on the bottom used to get very flattened, never heard of it hurting them though.

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Without being able to see them, we can’t tell. Is there any visible damage, other than they’re squashed? If not, I think the only way to answer your question is to mount and balance them.

no visible damage they look normal. . they are low profile tire. not much of a sidewall. they just wobble bad when rolled on the floor. 2 worse than the other 2. I think they will be ok too when air is put in and balanced. like I said I was just wondering if anyone might have ran into this problem before. I guess ill find out when I need them. thanks all that replied

Inflating them will tell the tale. In fact, if I was in your position, I think I would inflate them to ~10 psi over the vehicle mfr’s specs (being careful of course to not exceed the maximum psi listed on the tire sidewall), and let them sit on their side–singly–for a week or so before balancing and mounting them, and bringing them back down to the vehicle mfr’s specs.

More than likely, once they are inflated and balanced, they will be okay.

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Is she running those Blizzak ws80’s year round ?

No. left them on the car when we brought back the lease. really have no use for them here and they didnt fit on any other car that we had.

If you have no use for them you could sell them to a used tire shop.

Bingo , we have a Winner ! :wink:

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So the winter tires were turned in with the lease and the new wobbly tires don’t fit anything else? So problem solved. Can’t use them anyway.

true, but if there bad I dont want to sell them to someone else.

That’s why you would sell them to a used tire shop. They’ll know whether or not the tires are worth buying. And I really think the storage of these tires didn’t damage them.