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2014 Dodge Journey - Tire wobble

My tires were rotated with the oil change and now my car wobbles at high speeds. Is this safe?

No it is not . Call the place that did the tire rotation and if you don’t know how ask someone to check if all of your lug bolts are tight .


No, it’s not safe. As Volvo said, check the lug nuts if you can. Avoid driving it and call AAA or other road service if you have it to take it back to the shop that did the rotation. If not, drive it back very slowly.


Thanks for getting back to me. I took it back and had them put the tires back where they were, and refund my money also.

Out of balance tires can cause a noticeable vibration when they are mounted on the front of the vehicle, moving them to the rear can restore comfort but is not really the solution.

The tires should be inspected and balanced. Out of balance tires are not necessarily a safety concern.

My best guess is that the tires have irregular wear due to lack of rotation. That happens!

What you need to do now is have a tire shop look at them and see when you are going to need to get new ones - they aren’t going to fix themselves.

The other possibility is to get them rotated again and live with the wobble for a while - it will gradually get better. See what the tire shop says.

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Putting the tires back where they were . Did that fix the wobble problem ? If so then you should find a different tire shop to see if they have uneven wear or are out of balance.

Some places offer tire rotations with the fluid service. However, I think refunding your money is a bit much as I do not see any fraud involved with this procedure.

Just posing a what-if for a moment. What if the facility had suggested a tire balance at an extra cost before the rotation? Would you have consented to that or assumed they were just trying to gouge you?

Keep in mind that out of balance tires are only going to get worse and at some point the tires will be too far gone to balance and reach the dangerous stage.


As the others have said, properly balanced tires in good condition should work just fine on either end of the vehicle, at least on dry pavement. Putting them back where they were didn’t really solve the problem so you need to let them or another shop figure out what’s really wrong.