Question about Toyota Yaris

My mother has a 06 Toyota Yaris that’s been squeaking recently when driving. My first thought was a serpentine belt, but she just got it looked at and they said her engine was done because the lack of oil. She is the best person I know about getting her oil changed and told me she got it changed recently. He says the lack of oil killed the engine but when she went to check the oil after she got the car home the mechanic topped it off already so we didn’t get to see how much was in there before. He told her the recent heat depleted the oil faster than it usually would have it’s been around (87-95F). Just wanted to know if anybody had any other input thanks!

It sounds like she was good at getting oil changed, but not at checking it every tank of gas or so. Oil doesn’t last from change to change.


Whether someone is driving a Hyundai Accent or a Rolls-Royce Ghost or RR Wraith, failure to check the oil level between oil changes is likely to lead to undesired consequences,

I think it may be appropriate to take it to another mechanic for a second opinion. A compression test is in order.

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Going off complete word of mouth here, just told me she checked it before and the oil level was fine. Whether that is true or not well I guess nobody knows.

Cars tend to increase oil use with age, so her car might have been fine when new, not needing oil between changes, but later on it used more oil, resulting in it being low.

I hear you. Thanks!

That might have been done recently, and badly. Maybe no oil was put in.

Maybe the filter leaked maybe the plug blew out, BOGUS

How do you know the mechanic isn’t lying to her?

This is one of those the mechanic said according to one person and being posted by another . If this person really wants to help his mother then another shop needs to look at this vehicle ( for a fee ) . Low oil in an engine does not usually make a squeak does it.

maybe squeak, bang.bang.bang…oil on the floor

Something doesn’t add up here. Did the oil pressure light ever come on? Did she drive the car home? A second opinion is definitely in order.

Just now seen all the reply’s. No oil light was on. Car drives perfect, just the squeak noise when it idles. Going to try to find a place to take a look tomorrow, I don’t mind paying someone. I’m not a mechanic, so I’m not saying anyone is wrong. The place that told her this didn’t charge her, Maybe they were right maybe they were wrong. Just gonna get a 2nd opinion tomorrow if I can find somewhere that will look at it. Will update

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That doesn’t sound like a valid reason for severe oil loss. I hope the mechanic did more diagnosing than this to warrant an engine failure.

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Where did she take it to get the oil changed?

The dealership