Question About Passenger Side Mirror

I have a 2000 Hyundai Sonata V6 Silver Car. Right now my passenger side mirror is MISSING the mirror and actuator, but the body is still there. Its hard for me to search for a silver mirror set because all the new and used mirror sets I find is either black or white. The mirror is a heated power mirror.

Question is, if I just buy the mirror set, no matter the color, could I take it apart and just put the actuator and mirror on the original part? Cause the motor is still there too… just missing the actuator and mirror.

If you don’t want it painted that’s ok but don’t even think of trying to transfer the guts from one mirror to another, it is not worth it. Pull the interior trim panel off the door and then swap the mirror. That is somewhat easy.

Do you have a guesstimate on how much it would cost to get the mirror painted silver?

Buy the mirror is whatever color you can. Then get some matching color paint and paint the new mirror in the same color as your car. Then install the new mirror. It won’t be perfect but it should look good and function properly.

Just an educated guess, but about $50. And that depends on plenty of variables.