Mirror replacement 2013 passat

Trying to figure out if I need a new wing and glass or just glass. The power still works fine in regards to moving the mirror and the turn signal.

Watched some videos but still a little lost. Thanks in advance

well I see some broken tabs and pieces so you will probably need the part your holding. probably can get it from a junk yard. you might get lucky enough to get the whole assy that matches the color of your car. if those pieces were not broken you probably could of just got the mirror glass.
the replacement mirror comes with a plastic piece that clips into that part. if the broken parts came of the mirror side you should be ok. but I do see a piece missing on the part you are holding. I just dont know if it will effect the glass staying attached.

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You should be able to snap a replacement mirror glass w/backing plate onto the mirror actuator (the round thing that is attached to the motors).

Mirror glass is $70, the cover (paint to match) is $40.
If there is other damage consider an aftermarket mirror assembly.

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Get the whole thing. It looks like the housing is broken. Try Rockauto though for a reasonably priced direct fit. I paid somewhere around $60 for mine and was an exact match to OEM. I did the mirror alone for $10 but only if you just cracked the glass. My wife likes to crowd me in the garage so I have gone through three of them now hitting the side of the garage. After the last time I bought the set of a left and a right just to have on hand.

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Why not check eBay. A quick look shows some used complete mirrors in the same color for 30 to 40 dollars with free shipping.