Question about cv assembly/transmission

I purchased my car (2004 Honda Accord) two years ago with 50,000 miles and one owner. It was in beautiful shape. Long story short this shop I was going too (close friends of the family) ended up replacing the complete right cv axel assembly on my car. This was May 2018. I go to get my car inspected last week (March 2019) and I am asked if anyone has done work to my cv axel and informs me my right axel shaft is extremely loose causing a transmission leak and possible damage. I then bring my car to a transmission specialist who tell me my stub shaft appears new but does move around a lot causing damage to the differential in the transmission and the only way to fix this is to take apart and rebuild my transmission. I was told that the cost of repairing wouldn’t be worth it for the year of my vehicle. Am I right to blame the installation from the original shop of my cv assembly for being done improperly which lead to this ? Do I call the shop and tell them what happened and ask them to pay for the new transmission? Or am I wrong and this has nothing to do with them incorrectly replacing my cv assembly ?

They probably messed up in the installation process or put in a cheap CV joint or defective part.This part should last many many years if installed correctly.The original repair should be under warranty.

The worst approach would be to go in there with guns blazing. Blaming, insinuating improper repairs, demanding a new transmission etc. are all good ways to get them to shut down and stonewall you. Especially in light of the relationship you noted. I’d suggest getting the car to them and pointing out what the issue is and then see what they suggest to remedy it. If they disavow all responsibility you should listen to their reasoning. If it doesn’t make sense, then escalate. Their response may surprise you if you’re calm and reasonable in your presentation.

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