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Question about 2002 Acura TL- 87K, always serviced

I have a 2002 TL with 87,000 miles on it… It has always been serviced at the dealership with oil being changed every 3k miles.

Recently I took the car in for an oil change and the dealership told me that the mechanic says the oil pump is leaking.
They say it will cost me $1030 to fix this and will take 8 hours.

Is it possible to make this diagnosis by only changing the oil?

They also said one of the motor mounts is gone and that will cost me $250…

Any advice one can offer would be excellent… I am going to have another independent mechanic take a look at this as I dont want to be taken for a sucker

Gone? It’s somewhat unusual for a motor mount to vanish. They break, sure, but they don’t just disappear. Seek clarification. I agree on getting a 2nd opinion.

The diagnosis is suspect, I am not sure if one could see the pump from outside on this car. Maybe is the oil pressure sensor. Either way, you are out of warranty, so go to a good local mechanic and get it looked at. Maybe even don’t mention the first diagnosis. At the meantime check the engine oil level frequently and also check under the car for any leaks.